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Cross Plains Oak solid hardwood flooring adds timeless beauty and style to any room, home, or commercial space. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing operation, located in the beautiful foothills of Appalachian Mountains, sources 100% of our fine Appalachian hardwood from Verified Sustainable Hardwood Forests. Our flooring not only exhibits a tradition of quality that comes from more than a century of combined experience, but also an eye to the future with our revolutionary Six Side Seal©.

After many years of research and development, Cross Plains Oak Flooring created its industry-leading “Six Side Seal.” The seal is a patented technology wherein all six sides of each individual piece of flooring is coated with a proprietary urethane moisture barrier. The seal acts as a protective layer around the entire piece of flooring from manufacturing to installation and beyond.

The seal allows you to reduce installation lead time by reducing the acclimation time. As long as your job meets NWFA installation recommendations (including having the HVAC system up and running) all you need to do is unload your Cross Plains Oaks Sealed flooring (unfinished or prefinished) and start laying it.

The seal acts as a protective barrier, protecting the floor from jobsite stains before sanding, and from other dangers commonly found on job sites, such as drywall screws, paint drops, and furniture scuffs. It also provides a physical barrier to wood-eating insects.

The seal locks in the “look” of each piece so that an installer can know what the piece will actually look like in the floor prior to final installation, saving your floor from having an eyesore in the middle of the floor after sanding and finishing. This also allows for increased accuracy in milling and truer grading, and less “overwood.”

The seal reduces the likelihood of warping, cupping, and cracking due to exposure to moisture while also minimizing and isolating damage from underfloor leaks.

Prefinished Collection

Natural Red or Natural White prefinished flooring options are the perfect compliments to any number of home decors. Not only do they exude tradition and taste, but they'll match most unstained hardwood floors you may already have in your home!

Our Stain Collection provides the variety to meet and exceed almost any home decorating goal. An additional offering to our Prefinished Natural collection, our Honey, Gunstock, and Saddle stains give you the quality of Ten Oaks' prefinished flooring with the selection of three versatile and welcoming colors.

White Oak Natural

Red Oak Natural

Gunstock Oak

Honey Oak

Saddle Oak

Cherry Oak

Unfinished Collection

Our Classics collection is our traditional unfinished flooring available with or without Cross Plains' Six Side Seal moisture barrier. Laid down by your installer and then sanded and finished on the jobsite, unfinished hardwood flooring is still the gold standard against which all other floors are measured. Cross Plains' flagship Sealed Unfinished flooring is like a masterpiece retouched, having all the natural magnificence and appeal of the original with the environmental conscience, improved comfort, and technical superiority of the 21st century.

White Oak Natural Unfinished

Red Oak Natural Unfinished

Particulars Chart 

3/4" x 2 1/4" Factory Finished 

3/4" x 3 1/4" Factory Finished 


3/4" x 4" Factory Finished 

3/4" x 5" Factory Finished 

sq.ft. per Carton

Cartons per Pallet

sq.ft. per













3/4" x 2 1/4" Unfinished 

3/4" x 3 1/4" Unfinished  

3/4" x 4" Unfinished

3/4" x 5" Unfinished